Version 1.0.2357.1112

  • Added 'Expand hot path' feature to CallGraph. Available through node context menu & toolbar.
  • Added 'Set as root' feature to CallGraph. Available through node context menu & toolbar.
  • Added 'View in Flat List' feature to CallGraph. Available through node context menu & toolbar.
  • Added support for removing recent profiles & runs from the Start Page (right-click on the Recent File or Run)
  • Added functionality to filter processes in the Attach window
  • Added functionality to display the commandline arguments of running processes to the Attach window
  • Improved capturing UI: start/stopping/canceling profiling is now done through buttons rather than 'links'
  • Improved capturing UI: the progress icon is greyed out and doesn't animate when profiling is paused, to more clearly indicate the paused state
  • Further improved performance of symbol resolving during processing
  • Licensing system now gracefully handles hardware changes
  • Fixed sporadic crash when quickly clicking around in the CallGraph
  • Fixed sporadic bug in the Flat List view that could result in negative times being shown in the Called By tree in cases of recursion
  • Fixed issue with the installer not remembering its previous installation path
  • Fixed Flat List losing its filter when a new selection is made
  • Fixed issue with releasing mouse outside the window when drag selecting a range
  • Fixed crash when starting profiling session at the exact time that the target process exits
  • Fixed sporadic crash when closing a tab
  • Fixed bug in source view: image files (.exe, .dll) are now correctly retrieved from any configured symbol servers for disassembly
  • Fixed sporadic hang when capturing profiling data and then closing the tab
  • Fixed sporadic crash when processing a trace and then closing the tab

Version 1.0.2305.1110

  • Fixed performance issue with symbol loading in case of very large PDBs

Version 1.0.2297.1107

  • Added support for running over Remote Desktop
  • Added software rendering support for systems where GPU acceleration is not available
  • Added 'Flat List' view, which collapses all data for a given function into a flat view, giving you total inclusive/exclusive time per function
  • Added butterfly (called by/calls) view (in the 'Flat List' tab). This will show you where a particular function is being called from and what other functions it calls
  • Added support for resolving thunk functions in all views. This resolves various cases of calls to thunk functions missing from, for example, the disassembly view
  • License entry is now more forgiving; extra newlines and such are ignored
  • Fixed some font rendering artifacts
  • Fixed performance regression in symbol resolving
  • Fixed crash when drag selecting a timerange after switching the callgraph to 'selected timerange' in rare cases
  • Fixed several rare crashes that could occur right after opening a profile
  • Fixed corrupt display of thread states in CallGraph in certain cases
  • Fixed thread state distribution being incorrect in the callgraph in cases where there is a context switch without callstack
  • Fixed exclusive time in the callgraph being off in cases where there is a context switch without callstack
  • Fixed timings in the source view from diverging from timings in the threads/callgraph views in certain cases
  • Fixed display of files with UTF8 byte order mark in source view
  • Fixed rare shutdown crash when using the profiler over RDP
  • Fixed crash when browsing through the callgraph while two sessions are active

Version 1.0.2183.1103

  • Added support for Insider builds to the auto updater
  • Fixed sizing of release notes in the auto updater on high DPI screens

Version 1.0.2141.1059

  • Fixed source view not updating in certain cases

Version 1.0.2140.1058

  • Fixed some symbols not being resolved correctly in certain cases when profiling UE4
  • Fixed rare crash when opening a trace
  • Fixed rare zombie 'SymbolResolverWorker' processes

Version 1.0.2131.1050

  • Initial release