Rust, meet Superluminal

Superluminal is the new industry-standard profiling tool.

Now with full support for Rust on Windows, you can push your Rust performance optimization to the next level!

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Embark Studios | Johan Andersson, CTO

“Superluminal's a great profiler that we've been using in our Rust engine to find & optimize complex stalls & synchronization 🦀 It's super easy to use & setup, and the devs are very responsive and have added Rust symbol demangling support and Rust syntax lighting ❤️🤗”

First-class support for Rust

Symbol Resolving

With full support for Rust symbol resolving and name demangling, the call stacks in your Rust profiles will always be human-readable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using MSVC or Clang for your Rust code — both are fully supported.

Syntax Highlighting

The source view has been updated with support for highlighting Rust code, based on the popular VS Code color scheme.

Of course, your favorite features like line- and instruction-level timings all work as expected, so you can easily see where your Rust program is spending its time.

Ready, set, go!

Getting started is easy. Simply drop the following lines in your Cargo.toml and you’re ready to start profiling your Rust code.

debug = true

If you need it, the kind folk at Embark Studios have helpfully published a crate to make using our API super simple from Rust.

And many more features

Visual UI

Superluminal is the only sampling profiler that displays the profiling data in a visual UI. Sampling data is displayed on a per-thread timeline, which allows you to see exactly what function is being called when, in what order, and what other functions are being called around it.

Multithreading Analysis

Understanding the complex interactions between threads in a program can be key in resolving performance issues. These complex interactions are visualized in an intuitive interactive interface that allows you to inspect blocking and unblocking callstacks and easily navigate between them.

High Frequency Sampling

High frequency sampling (8 – 40 kHz, depending on platform) allows you to hit the ground running without the need to make any code modifications. Sampling can start right from the start of the application, allowing you to inspect application startup, including DLL loading, the static initialization phase and more.

Source & Disassembly

The source window displays source code along with per line timing and thread state information. To drill down even deeper, a mixed-mode disassembly view lets you view per-instruction timing information. If no source code is available, the disassembly is displayed.


Superluminal is capable of isolating a specific portion of a capture. Investigate unexpected frame spikes, or zoom in to the startup phase of your application.

And much more!

Take a look at our full list of features, or check out the cool stuff we have in store for you on the product roadmap

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